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Selected Papers

Rohwer RR, Hale RJ, Vander Zanden MJ, Miller TR, McMahon KD.

Species invasions shift microbial phenology in a two-decade freshwater time series.

PNAS 2023; 120:e2211796120.

sample dates and seasons, and nmds phenology plots

Rohwer RR*, Ladwig R*, Dugan HA, Hanson PC, Walsh JR, Vander Zanden MJ.

The aftermath of a trophic cascade: Increased anoxia following species invasion of a eutrophic lake. 

Under minor revisions.
*Equally contributing first authors.


Rohwer RR, McMahon KD.

Lake iTAG measurements over nineteen years, introducing the limony dataset.

In review.


Rohwer RR, Hamilton JJ, Newton RJ, McMahon KD.

TaxAss: Leveraging a Custom Freshwater Database Achieves Fine-Scale Taxonomic Resolution.

mSphere 2018; 3: e00327-18.


Hall MW, Rohwer RR, Perrie J, McMahon KD, Beiko RG.

Ananke: temporal clustering reveals ecological dynamics of microbial communities.

PeerJ 2017; 5: e3812.

Figure from Ananke paper

Selected Datasets

Rohwer RR, McMahon KD.

Lake Mendota Microbial Observatory Secchi Disk Measurements 2012-present.

Environmental Data Initiative 2022; knb-lter-ntl.416.

clearwater plot

Rohwer RR, McMahon KD.

Lake Mendota Microbial Observatory Temperature, Dissolved Oxygen, pH, and conductivity data, 2006-present.

Environmental Data Initiative 2022; knb-lter-ntl.415.

temperature profile heatmap


Wang-Nolan W, Pena POV, Rohwer RR.

Milk and dairy products containing omega-3 and omega-6 hufas and pasteurization processes thereof.


patent diagram
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